Forward, March! (2022)

While things have not necessarily been moving slowly, 2022 got off to a somewhat reserved start, with Mercury and Venus both retrograde in January and few charged aspects in February (the Pluto return of the United States on February 22nd being a major exception). Clearly, things haven’t been quiet in recent weeks, but even in the midst of tensions on the world stage, it’s been somewhat challenging to know what to do.

As we head towards springtime, the planets speed up and pull us (or is it push?) forward. In fact, until Pluto stations to retrograde at the end of April, all of the planets will be moving direct. That’s not to say that there aren’t going to be some slow patches and hesitations, but March  represent an opportunity – or maybe it’s a compulsion – to get moving on projects and plans – a few little Neptunian sand traps notwithstanding.

Image by blende12, via Pixabay


The first week of March is full of charged energy, like a spring coil ready to release at the first quarter moon on the 10th. Right after the Pisces New Moon on the 2nd, Venus and March meet up with Pluto on the 3rd, then walk arm-in-arm out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 6th. In between, the Sun meets with Jupiter on the 5th.

Relationship matters, business deals, and artistic projects that have been on hold since mid-to-late December may finally be resolved now, although the emphasis may well be on bringing existing issues to a conclusion so that you can finally move forward onto something new. Venus and Mars will be asking about your plans to contribute to a wider social circle, perhaps suggesting that you join a social or political organization.

One hiccup in the forward-moving energy happens on the 12/13th, as the Sun meets Neptune. While a few of us may feel enthusiasm fizzle, many will experience the opposite, and find themselves fighting for a cause or ready to start a crusade. Be aware that this aspect can make heroes and demons out of ordinary folks, so watch your projections.

As we build towards the Virgo Full Moon in the earliest hours of the 18th, Mercury makes an easy sextile to revolutionary Uranus. This is a time to consider your priorities for the year and make plans for putting them into action – or better yet, actually put them into action. Don’t feel constrained by your own sense of limitation, and try new ways to do things.

Relationships might come into focus in the latter part of the month, as Venus squares Uranus on the 19th and meets Saturn on the 28th. The goddess of love and Uranus are in each others’ home signs, so that this otherwise tense square can be resolved with relative ease. This is another cosmic prod to move out of routines and try something new. While the meeting with Saturn may be a little more serious, it’s not the usual confinement that Saturn brings, but more a check to see if you’re on the right path.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th at 10:33a Eastern time, marking the Spring Equinox, when day and night are evenly balanced. From here, the days rapidly increase in duration, as Sol spends more and more time above the horizon.

On the 22nd, Mars squares Uranus, an aspect notable for impulsive action. While great for getting moving when you’re sure what you want or need to do, keep in mind that patience is likely to be at a premium around this time. Be careful driving, and watch out for anyone spoiling for a fight. On the collective level, we’re likely to see a major push in areas around social justice and equality.

One last foggy Neptunian aspect deserves notice as March comes to a close, with Mercury meeting with Neptune on the 23rd. In the surrounding days, it’s a good idea to indulge in a little escapism, in meditation or fantasy, but avoid major decisions and be very careful with communication. Taking a step back could be hard with the Mars/Uranus energy so prominent, especially early in this period.

You might think of the period from the 22nd to the 24th as Mercury retrograde raised to a power. While intentional deception is probably rare, finding the facts and interpreting them correctly could be a real challenge. A good story that’s believed by its teller isn’t quite a lie, but it isn’t the truth, either. Another possibility is that information could ‘leak out’, so be careful when dealing with sensitive data.