February 2022 Astrology Forecast

We begin February with the skies on hold. Mercury is still retrograde, Venus has just turned direct, and we’re at the quiet (?) of the New Moon. Before long, however, we’ll feel ourselves coming out of the doldrums and moving swiftly. After the first week of the month, we get a series of strong boosts of cosmic energy.

The February new moon in Aquarius is on the 1st. This new moon is about our larger social goals and collective concerns. Consider where you’re making a contribution, or where you’d like to help. Reevaluate your relationship to social media, and your connections to others who share your overall worldview.

Mercury stations to go direct on the 3rd. Just coming off the new moon, it would be wise to wait a bit to put plans into action, although Mars’ easy sextile to Jupiter on the 4th will spur movement (the Sun’s meeting with Saturn on the same day encourages caution, however). The Cosmos is sending us mixed messages, as it frequently does, and it’s up to each of us to temper enthusiasm and caution.

 It’s go time at the first quarter moon on the 8th, as Mars makes an easy trine to Uranus, an aspect that encourages us to find novel ways to reach our goals. Mars in Capricorn is ready to follow marching orders, while Uranus in Taurus is looking for variety and change. Make the most of this period.

Valentine’s Day almost – almost – matches up with the meeting of Venus and Mars on the 16th. The two celestial lovers represent a blend of caring and passion, and in Capricorn they suggest a slow and steady burn in relationships. Add in the Leo full moon on the same day, and it’s a recipe for love and lust. The Leo Full Moon is always the party moon of the year, even if it is a Wednesday. If you miss out on Venus and Mars’ meeting, don’t worry, as they’ll be within orb through the first week in March.

Jupiter sextiles Uranus on the 17th. This aspect tends to favor news around technology, and given the signs involved (Pisces and Taurus) I would expect that news might have to do with new innovations around the environment, oil, and the energy supply.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, beginning the last month of winter here in the Northern Hemsiphere. While Piscean times can seem a little dreamy and disconnected, the aspects over the next month will keep things moving quickly. 

Pay special attention to the 24th, when Mercury squares Uranus, an aspect that can spark brilliant ideas, and somewhat impulsive speech. Let the ideas flow and play with them, figuring that it may take a while to ground them into something practical. Keep an eye on the road, too, as this aspect doesn’t do much to slow folks down, verbally or otherwise.