Your Personal Energetic Code

Whether you're interested in the deep questions of your existence or trying to find the right time to apply for job, astrology can help you tune into the patterns that run through your life and make the most of them in any situation.

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Relationship Astrology

Visit Relationships and Astrology for consultations, blogs, and courses. My colleague Margaret Gray and I provide two unique perspectives on relationships of all kinds - romantic, family, work, friends, and more.

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Learn Astrology and Intuitive Skills

Integrate both sides of your brain, the logical left and the intuitive right, to truly see each life experience in full. Individuals and businesses can benefit, from handy rule of thumb basics to learning the complex (and beautiful) language of astrology.

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Since 1993

Find the Right Time for Business and Personal Actions!

You've got the great idea: a product, service, or investment that you're sure is going to pay off. You're motivated, hard-working, and confident in your abilities. What's missing?

Quite possibly, being in tune with cosmic timing is the missing component. The cycles of the Sun, Moon, and planets can put the wind at your back, or can make it feel like you're swimming against the tide.

Most people are familiar with some aspects of astrological timing - like Mercury retrograde or full moon "lunacy." But there are many things that can affect a business venture or career move.

The same goes for our personal lives - making the right decision is up to you, but finding the right time can put the astrological wind at your back.

Many timing questions can be answered quickly and at relatively small expense - sometimes as little as US$40. Email me to get started!


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