Integrated Minds Podcast

A new project that I'm very excited about is the Integrated Minds Podcast that I'm co-hosting with Natalie Delahaye.

It is an interview style channel, with a diverse range of guests, from therapists, wellness practitioners, authors, academics and mentors, who all help people to achieve greater integration in their mindset and personal development.

The podcast is dedicated to exploring innovative perspectives through interesting and insightful conversations. It is geared towards practical complementary medicine approaches.

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Learn Intuitive Skills

There's nothing strange of spooky about learning to use your intuition. Indeed, things like astrology, Tarot, and the I Ching can be great aids to intuitive development that take time to learn, but many techniques are simple and easy to use.

Integrate both sides of your brain, the logical left and the intuitive right, to truly see each life experience in full. Individuals and businesses can benefit, from handy rule of thumb basics to learning the complex (and beautiful) language of astrology.

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Your Personal Energetic Code

Whether you're interested in the deep questions of your existence or trying to find the right time to apply for job, astrology can help you tune into the patterns that run through your life and make the most of them in any situation.

Many people - even those who give credence to psychics and mediums - cast a skeptical eye towards astrology. Long explanations have their place, but I've come to rely on a Buddhist/Neoplatonic short explanation: Astrology can work because the Cosmos is really made out of mind. In the mechanics of Maya, astrology is no stranger than anything else.

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The Whole Mind

Make Intuition and Rationality Partners!

Some folks are all about logic, science, and 'dealing with the facts.' Others are about going with their feelings and letting their intuition lead.

Often, it seems that neither can understand the other. Materialists and rationalists think spiritual people are 'flaky', while intuitive people feel that rationalists are cold.

In truth, both sides have something important to say and do, and learning to 'hear' the different perspectives can solve problems - even problems you didn't realize existed.

There are many strategies for learning to integrate the two (or more!) sides of our mind - represented in material form by the two hemispheres of our brain. Meditation (yes, you can meditate) and other techniques can help, whether you spend more time on the logical or intuitive side.

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