August Astrology Forecast

Dog Days… or, as it’s Leo Season, we’ll say Cat Days…

Forecast by Armand Diaz

There’s an uptick in action in August – not that July was so quiet – with two full moons and some hot aspects. Venus is retrograde all month, suggesting this is a time for retreat and withdrawal, but the aspects she makes seem to want to pull us into action. Even the otherwise quiet of the new moon at mid-month is connected to rather volatile energy. Plus, Mercury and Uranus both station to retrograde.

We may feel we’re getting mixed messages in August, as the Cosmos tells us to hurry up and wait. This could be especially challenging in the areas of life that are closest to us, like relationships and finance. A good strategy for this month might be to prioritize and act with precision. Don’t bite off too much in the way of responsibilities, but don’t shirk what needs to be done. And carve out some time for yourself to do what energizes and invigorates you!

August Forecast

The full moon in Aquarius on the 1st may fall on a Tuesday, but it’s still a good time to get out and enjoy some summer fun. This lunation really favors activities involving groups of friends, perhaps even an organization meeting of some kind: if your fun serves a purpose, so much the better (but don’t feel obligated).

As we begin the second week of August, we experience the high energy of two aspects, the Sun’s square to Jupiter, and Venus’ square to Uranus. This energy will color the 7th through the 10th, and it suggests having the courage to make changes and follow your heart. Break up routines and try something new! There could be a little tension in the air, and some folks may find that issues from early July are back on the table for review. Sun/Jupiter can signal that some folks may be a bit egotistic, and Venus/Uranus will make it a challenge to maintain a diplomatic front in the face of any blowhards.

The August new moon on the 16th is in Leo, suggesting that we resolve to follow our hearts and invest in our passions. New moons are typically quiet times, as the lunar energy is low, but this time the Sun and Moon are closely square to Uranus, while Mars trines him. We will probably be impatient with anything we perceive as a constraint, and despite the low energy we’ll be feeling the urge to act. Let the lunar energy build before initiating anything major – you don’t want to trip over your shoelaces while dashing out the door.

We get another burst of energy around the 22nd, as Mars opposes Neptune and Venus squares Jupiter. This might have us feeling a little impulsive, as there’s a blend of optimism and impatience in the air. It will work out well if we can manage emotions. Be aware that it may be hard to exercise restraint in Venusian areas (romance, finance, luxury items), as Venus/Jupiter can signal indulgence.

All of the above is colored by the confusion of Mercury’s station to retrograde on the 23rd. The usual rules apply for this Cosmic Gremlin – watch out for communication and transportation snafus, and be careful with technology. Mercury is in his home sign of Virgo for this retrograde – which may be good news. Or….

The days around the 26th to 28th are very charged. The Sun opposes Saturn, an aspect the reigns us in and comes with a feeling of limitation. Yet at the same time, impulsive Uranus stations to retrograde, a time when we seek independence and self-determination. With these two opposing energies tag-teaming us, we’re looking at oscillating periods of tension and release. Be careful not to let yourself or others get caught in the crosshairs of this tension.

As the month ends, we have a second full moon, in Pisces, on the 30th. This is another upbeat full moon, although perhaps a drop more emotional and more likely to spur reactions. Keep your cool, and watch your intake of booze and other ‘spirits’.

Cat silouette at sunset
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas