Simultaneous Cycles

What are we to do?

We’re deep into Pisces season and Mercury is retrograde in the sign of the fish. By all accounts, it seems time to sit still in this great “4 a.m. of the Year”, waiting for Aries’ renewal. It’s a time of inner gestation, when our long-term direction is still uncertain. Wait, we’re told (we feel!) – it’s too soon to know, let alone act. But at the same time, this week we have energetic aspects like Mars trine Neptune while the Sun squares Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. Plus, it’s the first quarter moon in Gemini.

It seems we are getting mixed messages from the Cosmos.

We always do. Even as new possibilities are forming within, there are a myriad of things already in various stages of manifestation. While incubating our next major shift, we continue and complete projects we’ve already begun (and Pisces is a very good time for completion).

The overlapping of forward and backward, still and moving, beginning and ending energies is typical – in fact, it’s always what’s happening. The lunar cycle waxes while the solar cycle wanes, and the cycles of the planets also wax and wane. It’s not a simple sine wave, but a kaleidoscope of simultaneous cycles.