April 2024 Astrology Forecast – No Foolin’!

The cosmic weather continues to blow strongly in April, opening up possibilities for change and innovation, on every level. We mix the high energy of the eclipses with the intensity of Pluto/Scorpio, all under the nebulous uncertainty of Mercury retrograde.

This month features the ‘aspect of the year’, a meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. These two planets meet every 14 years, and begin a new cycle of technology and innovation, as well as furthering progressive social causes, and – paradoxically – giving a boost to capitalists.

Mercury is retrograde for virtually the entire month, turning around in his track on April 1st – it should make for quite an April Fool’s Day! The Cosmic Gremlin is in the sign of Aries, where communication can get heated – even if it’s based on misinformation. The usual Mercury retrograde caveats apply, but be aware that the high energy of eclipse season plus Mercurial confusion could make for trouble for some folks.

The first week of the month has some interesting energy for relationships, with Venus meeting Neptune in late Pisces, then entering Aries and making a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius. Relationships that are at a tipping point – one way of the other – may find this as a time to take the next step (or a step backward), while the rest of us will probably just enjoy the upbeat feel.

Retrograde Pallas Athene squares partnership asteroid Juno as the month begins, suggesting that an important message in relationships is delivered – but you may have to wait for the end of the month when the aspect forms again (on April 22nd) or when Venus squares Pluto (on the 30th).

Things get serious as we approach the solar eclipse on the 8th. This eclipse cuts through the United States, echoing “The Great American Eclipse” of 2017. Solar eclipses have an implosive, tense energy that may not find immediate release. Look to May 26th, when Mars goes over the eclipse degree, for manifestation. This eclipse is tightly conjunct Chiron in Aries (just a few minutes of arc away), but exactly what that means is up for grabs.

We maintain the eclipse energy all the way through the full moon on the 23rd. This full moon is in the sign of Scorpio: always an intense lunation, and echoing both the solar eclipse and Pluto’s impending station on May 1st.

The second week of April has a quiet intensity. The eclipse energy brings us inward, which is probably good given Mercury’s retrograde. Mars meets Saturn in Pisces at midweek, on the 10th. Mars/Saturn meetings are always a time to maintain focus and avoid multitasking: pick a task, and work steadily at it. Progress may be slow, but the effort will be rewarded. Trouble is, in the dual sign of Pisces (there are two fish), we might find that we’re juggling a few things at once.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th, just a day before Jupiter meets Uranus. The Sun goes on to square Pluto almost immediately, suggesting power struggles. This aspect is likely to play out mostly at the collective level, although folks with placements in early Taurus or Aquarius may feel it more directly. As we’re approaching the full moon on the 23rd, we can expect this will be a relatively ‘hot’ aspect.

As we end the month, the intensity continues. Mars meets with Neptune on the 26th, an aspect that often pushes us beyond our boundaries yet one which can also deplete our energy. Mars enters his home sign of Aries on the last day of the month, giving us a more direct and focused level of energy. That’s especially important because we’re feeling the pull of Pluto’s station just a day later.

Venus squares Pluto on the 30th, perhaps setting a deadline for relationship or financial decisions. Venus is very strong in her home sign of Taurus, but Pluto is stationing to retrograde on May 1st, and so is also feeling quite powerful.

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