March 2024 Astrology Forecast

Once again, March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. The relative celestial quiet of the early part of the month gives way as we approach the Aries Equinox and the beginning of eclipse season after mid-month.

Periods of hot celestial energy don’t mean that things will be be good or bad, they are just indicators of times when change is more likely. A proactive approach helps turn powerful cosmic weather into opportunities, while holding onto the status quo might mean being shaken out of your comfort zone (not necessarily a bad thing, but ‘uncomfortable’ by definition).

Use the early part of March to prepare for the more energetic time ahead (stretching into April and beyond). Decide upon the kind of changes you’d like to see, and look out for potential issues before they emerge. Having set intentions will be very helpful in the stormier times to come.

March Forecast

We begin the month with no planets in Fire signs – in fact, except for the Moon from time to time, we haven’t had any planets in Fire since January 23rd. There are still good possibilities to get things done, but you have to bring your own motivation. Mercury hotfoots it into Aries on the 9th, reintroducing some Fire.

Consider taking a step back in the time between the 7th and the 10th. Mercury meets with Neptune, always an indicator for some confusion and misunderstandings – think of it as being like Mercury retrograde raised to a power. Adding some spice to the mix, Mars squares Uranus, which is an incentive to action. The possibility of some folks flying off the handle based on misinformation is strong. This isn’t a good time for practical decisions, although it should be great for creative projects and meditation.

The Pisces New Moon on the 10th is the official start of Eclipse Season, as it is the lunation prior to the first eclipse. After this new moon, we’ll begin to feel a gradual uptick in the cosmic weather.

Once again, it’s time to take a break, as the Sun meets with Neptune on the 17th. At mid-month, there’s a strong potential to make too much of someone or something (usually someone), seeing them as either saviors or demons. Try to keep in mind that people are just people, regardless of how you feel about them at the moment.

The Aries Equinox (Spring Equinox for most of us) is on March 19th at 11:05p Eastern Time (Daylight Time, after the 10th). That’s 8:05p Pacific, and 3:05a GMT on the 20th. The days and nights are of equal length, and the Sun will rise and set due East/West. The length of days is changing rapidly now, by several minutes per day at most latitudes.

The first eclipse of the year is on the 25th, at 5 degrees of Libra. This is a lunar eclipse – a powerful full moon. We won’t have to wait long to see how it manifests, as lunar eclipses show themselves in the days right around the actual event. Those with placements at 5 degrees of the cardinal signs, especially Libra and Aries, will feel this energy most strongly.

As we move towards April, Mercury slows down to retrograde on April 1st – it should make for quite an Aprils Fool’s Day! The energy of the station will be felt several days before he actually stops in the sky, so be careful buying electronics, signing contracts, and so on after mid-March. In fact, given the Neptune aspects this month, it may be best to wait on any Mercurial endeavors.

Before Mercury retrogrades, truth-teller asteroid Pallas Athene turns around in the sky, on the 29th. While Mercury tends to correlate with practical matters, Pallas Athene is all about content. With the two both retrograding at the same time, it will be interesting to see if folks have to ‘take back’ what they say during the last week of the month.


Relationships deserve their own section this month, as there’s a lot of activity in this area. Stable partnerships won’t feel much of this energy, but those that are on the cusp of a change, in whatever direction, will feel it strongly.

Mercury opposes partnership asteroid Juno on the 1st, opening up the lines of communication in existing relationships. Juno is about partnership commitment and the form of relationship, so if something needs to be said, this is a good time. It’s especially good because Venus squares Uranus on the 3rd, encouraging changes in relationships of all kinds. While a tense aspect, the planets are in each other’s signs and so “speaking each others’ language”. It’s an opportunity to move new and existing connections in a different direction.

Juno’s busy month continues, as she opposes the Sun, Saturn, and Venus, before standing opposite Mars on April 1st. Juno is retrograde in Virgo, and so is spending this month reconsidering her options and deciding if her needs are being met. A trine from hubby Jupiter on the 7th offers her some encouragement.

Juno’s opposition to Venus on the 19th might be more intense, as what we want (Venus) and what we have (Juno) in partnership is weighed. Venus goes on to meet with Saturn on the 21st, suggesting decisions might be delivered around this time.

For the first time since September/October, we’ll be feeling the winds of change blowing strongly in March. It’s not that nothing has happened in the meantime, but the possibilities for transformation are increasing markedly as Springtime begins.