May 2024 Astrology Forecast – Christmas in May?

After more than a month of “Halloween in April”, the skies settle down a bit in May. There’s some excitement early in the month, but after the Taurus New Moon on the 7th there’s more upbeat energy.

We start the month with some tension, as Pluto stations to retrograde in Aquarius on the 2nd. The first few days of the month might be marked with short fuses and power struggles, although a Mars/Pluto sextile suggests that we can channel our energies productively. Mars is newly in Aries, his home sign, and he fires up May with the energy of assertiveness and competition.

Venus is also home, recently moved into Taurus. She hardly has time to unpack her bags before she squares Pluto, suggesting some tensions in romance and finance in the first week of the month.

As we approach mid-month, the Sun meets with Uranus on the 13th. In the days leading up to and following this meeting, expect that we’ll be feeling for our independence and a strong need to do our own thing. Patience may be an issue, but for most of us this should feel like a breath of fresh air.

On the 17th, Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius. On the collective level we’ll see folks speaking their truths in public, while on the personal level we’re likely to be formulating the best way to present a sticky issue.

The 18th is a packed day, and its influence will cover the 16th onward.¬†First, Ceres stations to retrograde, something that we’ll likely see manifesting on the collective level as concerns about the environment and/or food supply. Venus meets Uranus in her home sign of Taurus, helping us to forge new patterns of socializing, and encouraging us to break out of routine in our relationships. We’ll have plenty of courage to do so, as the Sun meets with Jupiter on the same day – always an inflating aspect.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, beginning the final month of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). Gemini season is great for connecting with community and neighbors: re-establish the connections that were dormant in the winter months.

The upbeat vibe of “Christmas in May” continues through the 23rd, at the Sagittarius Full Moon. Venus meets with her BFF, Jupiter, at the very last degree of Taurus – a cosmic recipe for indulgence if ever there was one. Adding to the dreamy flavor, the two planets are also sextile to Neptune at the last degree of Pisces.

The pleasant vibe will continue for a few days. Venus enters Gemini, encouraging us for ‘lite’ socializing. Her first aspect this time around is an easy trine to Pluto, suggesting that personal and social demands harmonize well.

On the 25th, Jupiter enters Gemini. Traditionally, the sign of the twins isn’t considered to be Jupiter’s favorite place, but he encourages us to learn new skills and dive into the particulars that support our Big Picture perspectives. Gathering a few facts won’t hurt, especially for folks driven by their beliefs.

Mars crosses the degree of the April 8th Solar Eclipse on the 26th, ‘triggering’ whatever was seeded at that time. For most of us, this won’t be a major event (unless you have an important placement at 19 degrees Aries), but in the collective we’re likely to see a return to the tensions that dominated late March through early May – hopefully, not for long and not too intense.

Keep pen and paper ready (or your phone, I suppose) as we move into the last days of May. Mercury meets with Uranus on the 31st, an aspect that encourages brilliant flashes of insight and lightning fast communication. In Taurus, the emphasis is likely to be on practical matters, and it should be relatively easy to translate ideas into action.

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