October 2019 – Change of Direction

It may seem that Halloween comes early this year, as Pluto stations to go direct on October 3rd. The days around a Pluto station have an intensity that can be challenging to handle. Patience tends to be low, but frustrations are often internalized. Find productive ways to channel your energy. Although we’re still in the midst of Libra season, the winds shift towards the Scorpionic, and we’re more concerned with what’s not negotiable than with where we’re willing to compromise.

Relationships are again in the forefront in early October, although there’s a tense, “deadline” sort of feel as Venus squares stationing Pluto on the 1st. An opposition of partnership asteroid Juno to Neptune might offer some pleasant diversions, although it could also add a little veneer of anxiety or even paranoia if Venus and Pluto are having a hard time of it. At best, passion will be stirred with these aspects, while at worst some folks will see power plays and jealousy.

As the first week of the month draws to a close, we have an interesting mix of progressive and conservative energy, brilliant ideas and an abundance of caution. On the 7th, Mercury opposes Uranus while the Sun squares Saturn. We could push too hard, or hesitate to say what we think. Choose your venue and your message carefully.

The second week in October sees the energy building towards the full moon in Aries on the 13th. This powerful and somewhat volatile full moon is closely square to Pluto, and Venus is opposite Uranus at the same time. While there are many possible manifestations of this astrological configuration, we can expect that any area of life that has been tense – especially relationships – is likely to find a release point now. With the Sun also sextile to Jupiter, we have the faith and courage to make changes we know are necessary, yet we run the risk of being too abrupt and definitive. Cross the bridge, but think carefully before you burn it.

As October wanes, we get easier and more productive cosmic weather. It could be time to do some repair work (and bridge-building). Especially around the last quarter moon on the 21st we’ll find that we can communicate with greater ease and clarity. As is often the case, high-energy times fill us with a sense of direction and motivation, but it is after the peak energy that we can be most constructive.

The end of the month presents a mixed bag of stop-and-go aspects. It’s the quiet of the new moon in Scorpio on the 27th, a time of deep introspection and the opening of the gates to the spirit world (especially so this close to Halloween/Samhain). Yet the celestial vibe isn’t all that internal, as Mars squares Saturn (driving with the parking brake on) and the Sun opposes Uranus (a deep desire to change).

This is a time of inner realignment, a testing of our resolve. We’re drawn inward to find the power to follow our hearts, relying on an inner light as we walk through a dark wood. For some of us, it will be a time of release from obligations, while others will recommit to a path with heart.