The One Thing I Never Do With Mercury Retrograde…

Mercury stations to go direct today, ending three weeks of the most hellish retrograde in my personal experience. It will take the Cosmic Messenger a couple of weeks to get up to speed and out of the shadow of his retrograde, and technical, transportation, and communication snafus are especially likely in the days right around the stations, but I’m thankful that Mercurial matters can get moving forward again.

There’s all kind of advice about things you should and should not do with Mercury retrograde:

You shouldn’t buy a car (did it – good car, wrong model year). You shouldn’t buy tech stuff (did it – all kinds of problem have ensued). You shouldn’t sign a contract (did it – wound up being revised). And you shouldn’t buy new books (did it – they are sitting on my shelves with nice crisp spines).

But there’s one thing I never do with Mercury retrograde…

There are some things Mercury retrograde is actually very good for doing. For example, it’s an excellent time to do research, to revise written materials, and to do editing. And it’s a good time to re-read books.

Three times a year, before Mercury goes retrograde, I start thinking about books I would like to re-read. Astrology books, books on various topic, novels, even detective stories and thrillers (how great would those have been with Mercury retrograding in Scorpio for the past three weeks!). I make a mental list of the books I want to revisit. I see them on my shelves, waiting to be opened and explored.

And I never, ever, get to re-reading them.