February 2019 Forecast – A Jagged Little Pill

After January’s excitement, February has some rough spots, and other periods that offer a slightly more stable energy. The exaggerated perceptions of eclipses will be behind us, and the cosmic weather is generally more settled. With Venus very active all month, a focus will be on relationships, starting as the month begins, as the Goddess of Love makes trine to Uranus and a square to Chiron. The first week in February is a good time to try something new in relationships and socializing. Be open and honest about what you want and how you feel. Honesty is often a bit scary, but the payoff is usually worth it.

The new moon on the 4th is in Aquarius. It’s a good time to set your intentions for the coming year, and imagine your best future. Consider how your ideals match up with your everyday reality, and what you can do to bring these into line with each other.

As Valentine’s Day arrives, a less affable vibe prevails, with Mars meeting Uranus on the 12th/13th. We’ll see a temporary return to January’s level of excitement and energy, and perhaps also feel some of the irritation. This is another good opportunity to grab a little “me time” rather than trying to enlist others. Consider some sensible exercise to work off tensions, and a bit of healthy competition could go very well.

Mars goes on to enter Taurus on the 14th. In the sign of the bull, Mars can encourage sensuality and sexuality. It’s a very down-to-earth placement, although Venus in Capricorn might put up a few barriers to potential excesses.

On February 18th, Chiron leaves Pisces for the last time (well, for 40+ years). While he stepped into Aries last year for a few months, he retrograded back into the sign of the fish in November. Now that he’s in Aries, we are less inclined to wallow in an emotional morass, but might feel more doubts in terms of our ability to be self-reliant

The full moon on the 19th is in the sign of Virgo. We’re likely to be assessing our progress thus far in the year, while also looking at what we need to begin working on. What projects need to be embraced in the coming year?

Relationships are again highlighted as the month ends, with Venus meeting Pluto on the 22nd and then squaring Uranus early on March 1st (we’ll be feeling it for the last couple of days of February). This is likely to be a testing time for relationships that are under strain, but all of us will be trying to bring balance to our need for deep connection without compromising personal integrity.