February 2023 Astrology Forecast

Forecast by Armand Diaz

In many ways, February is a break in the celestial action as we await March – and the sign changes of Saturn and Pluto. Although we begin February with the roar of the Leo Full Moon and we’ll finish it with Venus in fiery Aries, more or less the skies are a more mellow this month.

Image by Robertgreene674, via Pixabay


The Uranian vibe that was strong in January continues as we move into the second month of 2023. The Sun squares Uranus on the 3rd, urging us to make changes in our personal and collective lives. Ceres stations to retrograde on the same day, so we’re likely to be focused on the environment and climate change.

Speaking our truth in a relationship is also a theme as February begins. Pallas Athene, Juno, Venus, and Mars all aspect each other, suggesting some tense but frank conversations around partnership. As we’re coming up to the full moon in Leo on the 5th, it’s an opportunity to share your real feelings and thoughts.

That full moon in Leo is always the ‘Party Moon’ of the year, so it pays to get your romance on track beforehand, although I suppose you could also use the lunar celebration to begin something new.

A far more serious feel prevails around the 10th, as Mercury meets with Pluto at the end of Capricorn, just before soaring into his favorite sign, Aquarius, on the 11th. It’s time to speak truth to power: stick to your principles and state the facts as you see them. It could be a little uncomfortable, but the collective mood is shifting towards more idealistic Aquarian principles, and (eventual) success is likely, if not assured.

Truth-teller Pallas Athene takes over the mantle of courage, as she stations to go direct on the 16th. The Sun is conjunct Saturn on the same day, so no one is getting a free ride, but once again hard truths are likely to win out, especially with Sol and Saturn in Aquarius.

The February new moon is on the 20th. Like all recent new moons, it’s only one degree into the sign, energizing us for the Piscean month to come (the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th). It’s time to connect with your spirituality and sense of compassion.

Venus has other ideas, as she strides into Aries on the 20th. In the sign of the warrior, Venus favors an assertive and directed approach to socializing and romance. Ask for what you want, and act to get it.

Mercury squares Uranus on the 21st, an aspect that can indicate brilliant ideas and rapid conversations. Share your thoughts, and don’t forget to listen to other peoples’ ideas. We can find new ways around old problems, if we are open to the possibilities.

The month ends with the active first quarter moon on the 27th at 8 degrees of Gemini – the very same place where Mars stationed direct in January. We can probably feel the last bit of drag from Mars’ retrograde as we approach this first quarter moon, but from this point onward, we’re going forward.