February Astrology Forecast – A Breath of Fresh Air?

Forecast by Armand Diaz

February may not be the most active month of 2024, but it has its share of charged energy. On the collective level, we’ll continue to walk out issues that have been on the table for a while. Individually, we’re in a mood to assert our independence and free ourselves from constraints and limitations – especially those that are self-imposed.

There’s a strong Aquarian vibe this month. Of course, we begin February with the Sun in the sign of the water bearer, as we do each year. This time around, though, we also have Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury joins the party on the 5th, Mars marches in on the 13th, and Venus glides in on the 16th. As each planet enters the sign, the first order of business is a meeting with Pluto, adding a little extra intensity.

Especially through the first half of the month, we’re likely to be comparing situations in our lives to our ideals. While it’s good to assess where we stand with things, it’s helpful to remember that actual people and relationships (of all kinds) usually fall a bit short of the ideal. Give others a break, and give yourself one as well.

On the collective level, pay attention to the 5th through the 8th, as muckraker asteroid Pallas Athene enters belief-oriented Sagittarius and sextiles Pluto, while Earth Goddess Ceres enters practical Capricorn. New information could emerge that will further arguments on all sides of an issue.

Relationships could come into focus from the 6th through the 8th, as Venus, Uranus, and partnership asteroid Juno make a grand trine in Earth signs. This suggests being able to morph partnerships closer to your ideals. Take practical steps towards making changes. One helpful strategy would be to try something (or someone?) new when it comes to socializing. Venus and Uranus speak of connections in general, while Juno is more about romantic connections. It should all be very harmonious… except…

As the Sun approaches a square to Uranus on the 7th/8th, our need for independence spikes. This is a time when many of us will feel the need to go it alone. Yes, a group that’s dialed into the same ideal may make use of this energy, but more or less this is a time to celebrate individuality. Be aware that some folks will get a little ornery with this hard-to-handle celestial vibe, so steer clear of those who are irritable.

Adding to the mix, Mercury squares Jupiter on the 9th/10th. This is a time when we’re likely to express our thoughts rather directly – and perhaps verbosely. However, with Mercury in his favorite sign of Aquarius, we have the ability to take the Big Picture and maintain a rational perspective.

The 9th is also the day of the Aquarius New Moon, a time to set long range goals that match with your highest ideals. What would you create for your personal and our collective future?

Mars joins the conference in Aquarius on the 13th. In Aquarius, Mars is ready to fight for ideals, and we may see an increase in labor strikes and social protests over the next six weeks. As his first aspect is a meeting with Pluto, we’ll see folks riled up right away, with Pluto giving Mars his marching orders.

Venus enters Aquarius on the 16th. In this sign, Venus generally favors socializing with groups of friends, and she takes a more open, experimental approach to romance. However, she also meets with Pluto as soon as she enters the sign. This suggests that some changes in socializing and relationship are on tap for us over the coming month. What is seeded on the 16th/17th may become more apparent as Venus meets with Mars and squares Jupiter at the full moon on the 24th. At mid-month, pay attention to subtle messages you’re getting in the areas of partnership and friendships.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, reminding us that the oceanic Neptunian vibe is still strong. Sol will go on to meet with Saturn on the 28th, a time when we’re individually focused on our spiritual path. Collectively, this could be a crucial time for matters relating to immigration, refugees, and the state of the world’s oceans.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 24th isn’t quite as charged as last month’s lunation in Leo, but it’s a full moon nonetheless. Best of all, it falls on a Saturday, so the whole weekend is charged up by lunar energy. With Venus meeting Mars and squaring her pal Jupiter, we have the potential for a fun weekend.

On the 27th, Mars squares Jupiter. Although this can play out in many ways, a good guess for the days around this aspect would be that we’ll all be feeling ‘motivated.’ Get busy, investing yourself in a task. It’s not a bad time for sensible exercise, if you need to work off some excess energy.

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