January 2024 – The Fog Clears… Slowly

The murky Neptunian weather that has dominated the skies lifts in January, giving us a fresh start on the New Year… at least after the New Moon on the 11th. Until then, we’re feeling more positive energy thanks to Jupiter’s station to go direct on December 30th, but there’s still a drag on progress thanks to Mercury’s retrograde.

The Cosmic Messenger stations to go direct on January 1st, technically ending his retrograde period. However, the station is quite close to his square to Neptune, a challenging aspect that feels like Mercury retrograde raised to a power. Remember that Mercurial mishaps multiply around the stations, so the period up until January 3rd is particularly likely to have its share of communication and technology snafus.

Then Mercury moves towards his final square to Neptune on the 8th. It’s not until we’re clear of this square – around the 9th – that we can really feel like the retrograde is ended (technically, it would be closer to mid-month, when he clears his shadow, but enough is enough!). That’s why waiting until we wax out of the new moon on the 11th is a good idea when it comes to buying new tech stuff or signing agreements. It’s also an indication that travel might include some bumps in the road.

Cosmic Warrior Mars leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn on the 4th. As the year begins, Mars is at the last degrees of Sagittarius, where he can urge folks to go off on belief-driven crusades. After he climbs into Saturn’s sign, we have more directed energy, and January and most of February is therefore a time for focused action. Pick a goal and work towards it.

Keep an eye on the news on the 5th, as tell-it-like-it-is asteroid Pallas Athene opposes revolutionary Uranus. This is an aspect that may see some inconvenient truths delivered – if Mercury allows the message to be conveyed clearly.

The Capricorn New Moon on the 11th is at 20 degrees of the sign – very close to the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter mash-up of 2020. Optimistically, we can see this new moon as a do-over and a chance to reconfigure the choices made in recent years. For each of us, it’s a good time to consider what we’d like to complete this year: set intentions around the 12th and 13th rather than at the new moon itself.

Relationships may come into focus at mid-month, as Pallas Athene, partnership asteroid Juno, and the Sun all make easy connections on the 12th – the day Juno stations to retrograde in Virgo. If there’s something that needs to be said in a relationship, this is a good time to say it. Results may take some time, of course, but this is an opportunity to get the ball rolling.

A few days later, on the 16th, Venus squares Juno, and our two primary partnership planets have to work to get on the same page. Venus in Sagittarius is looking to extend the holiday season with socializing and fun, while Juno is taking a more sober approach in Virgo: Venus wants champagne, Juno is thinking kombucha. For some relationships, there could be tension between going out and staying in; for others it could be about keeping things open versus honoring commitments.

Venus goes on to square Neptune on the 18th/19th, an aspect that can get us to see too much or too little in a partner or partnership. We might put on rose colored glasses, although some folks will be wearing a much darker tint. Enjoy what feels good, but don’t take things too seriously, either way.

For all of the relationship aspects between the 12th and the 19th, keep in mind that only partnerships that are at a tipping point of some kind are likely to really feel the energy. Most folks will drift through this week with little in the way of noticeable events. Also note that these aspects can be helpful as well as challenging.

The major astrological events of January take place on the 20th. First, the Sun and Pluto meet at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Capricorn – the very last degree and minute of the sign that Pluto has been in since 2008. This seems to be a point at which we’ll become very aware of what the past fifteen years has been about.

About 20 minutes later, the Sun steps into Aquarius, followed by Pluto a few hours later. With both the Sun and Pluto at the very first degree of the sign of the water bearer, this is perhaps a good point to consider as the start of Pluto’s passage through Aquarius. Watch for events in the collective on this day – news about AI, unions, and democracy movements are possibilities, but there are many potential manifestations. Click here for my video on Pluto in Aquarius on YouTube.

On the 23rd, Venus moves into Capricorn. Formal gatherings and work-oriented socializing are favored with this placement, and the goddess of love will be making many harmonious aspects over the next few weeks.

The Leo Full Moon – the Party Moon of the year – rolls in on the 25th, coloring the days leading up to the weekend (Friday night is probably the better weekend night to socialize, if you can’t get out on Thursday). Take advantage of the positive, outgoing energy provided by this lunation for socializing, romance, or just doing what you want to do.

Doing what you want to do is part of the picture for the end of January. Just after the full moon, the Sun goes on to square Jupiter on the 27th, an aspect that will keep the full moon energy going, as Jupiter fills us with optimism and faith. On the same day, Uranus stations to go direct, an astrological event that always encourages independence and self-determination. Mercury’s meeting with Mars is sure to get folks to say what’s on their minds, too.

The 24th through the 28th is a high-energy time that holds a great deal of potential. Break out of routines, do what feels right, and be prepared to go it alone if others aren’t on the same page with you.

The end of January is catapulting us into 2024 at top speed at both the individual and collective levels. We’re likely to end the month feeling very differently than we did at the beginning – or even at the middle of the month. The astrological winds are blowing strong, so set your sails to take you in the direction you want and need to go: take control of what you can control, and surf the rest as best you can.

January is a great time to get your personal forecast for the year ahead… email me for more information!

Image by OleksandrPidvalnyi, via Pixabay