July Forecast

The action starts on July 5th, when Chiron stations to retrograde. The Wounded Healer has been in Aries since April, but he’s headed back to Pisces later this year for another tug at our emotional heartstrings. Right around the station, take note of feelings that come up in terms of your ability to assert your independence: do you feel free to be yourself, or are you more inclined to feel pressure to conform? With Mercury opposing retrograde Mars on the same day, we may be driven to say what’s on our minds, and wounds could be opened by cutting words, perhaps hidden behind somewhat oblique language.

Jupiter stations to go direct on the 10th, giving a boost to our ability to open up about our emotions. Having helpful Jupiter turn around in the sky should also be good for financial matters, and dealings with banks and similar power brokers may go more smoothly once Jupiter gets moving up to speed. With Venus trine Uranus just a day later, we could be willing to try something (or someone) new in our relationships.

The first eclipse of the season is a solar eclipse on July 12th, at 11:01 p.m. Easter Daylight Time. This eclipse is closely opposite to Pluto, suggesting that the generally implosive energy is intensified. The need for change, and the resistance to it, are going to be running high at this time, especially at the collective level. Keep an eye on the news for power struggles that simmer – but may not boil over until the end of the month.

Venus is busy in mid-July, helping our relationships along and perhaps creating a little summer fun (even if the goddess of love is in reserved Virgo). Look for an emphasis on home, family, and tradition in partnership around mid-month (a more conservative tone than just a few days earlier).

A week or so later, around the 21st through the 24th, a more romantic tone prevails. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with a loved one, and to engage in creative activities. Enjoy this emotionally flowing time, but don’t assume that everything you see is real as Venus aspects Jupiter and Neptune.

The 25th through the 27th promises to be a wild ride, as the Sun squares Uranus and opposes Mars, Mercury turns retrograde, and we have a lunar eclipse on the 27th. With Mars triggered on this eclipse, we may find that the fireworks have come at the far end of the month, rather than on the 4th. While retrograde Mars doesn’t express himself that easily, this could be a time when issues that started boiling at the solar eclipse reach a peak. What isn’t released now is likely to come up in September, when Mars travels across this point once more – but the potential for release now is strong.

Mercury is stationing to retrograde on the 26th, just as the intense full moon lunacy begins, so we may see some folks flying off the handle based on misinformation, or we may be confused by explanations for events that occur. Step back from things and reserve judgment – unless you have to act in an immediate situation, you’ll want to wait to see what the real story is.

Things remain hot through the end of the month, as Mars squares stationing Uranus on August 1st. Expect July 26th through August 7th to be a very powerful time, when tensions that have been building are likely to be released.