The Power Broker Eclipse – July 12, 2018

Solar eclipses are generally quiet times – they are new moons, after all. While potential is seeded for significant changes, usually on the collective level, it is rare (but not unheard of) for major events to occur on the day of the eclipse itself. If the eclipse lands on a sensitive degree in the chart of an individual, organization, or country, there may be an exception, but even then it’s an open question.

The eclipse of July 12th is an exception, because this eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer is opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. The opposition gives a more “full moon” sort of feel to the eclipse – oppositions are more likely to stir up action than the conjunction of a new moon.

Jupiter’s station to go direct on July 10th in Pluto’s home sign of Scorpio is another indication of movement in the skies and here on Earth. While a very creative period is indicated, we may also see some dark creativity – the spinning of fearful fantasies and even paranoia.

No astrology is needed to know that this is a very active week, and this new moon/solar eclipse won’t be quiet. The news of the world is bubbling with activity: the U.S. talks with North Korea, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, the swearing in of Turkey’s Ergodan, the resignations in Britain over Brexit, the contentious NATO meeting, and Angela Merkel’s struggles and their implications for the fate of the EU are all hot issues this week.

We seem to be reaching a turning point on many fronts. Worldwide, there has been a slide away from progressivism and liberal democracy towards authoritarian rule and nationalism, and this week seems to offer a number of test cases to see how far things will go.

With the eclipse in protective and clannish Cancer, opposed by Pluto in Capricorn and supported by Jupiter stationing in Scorpio, this is truly the Power Broker Eclipse. We’re very likely to see those in power holding very tightly to the reigns, and the results could be very disheartening.

However, it’s worth considering that they grab at control in proportion to their fear of losing it. Leaders who are secure and supported (by their populations as well as by the movement of history in the direction they are pointing) don’t need to strong-arm their way through. Clamping down is the reaction of those who are insecure.

That doesn’t mean they can’t do a lot of damage. On the contrary, some of the worst nightmares of history, from the Inquisition to the two World Wars, were the result of just such power scenarios.

Yet today a significant portion of the population of almost any society – certainly of those cultures that have established liberal democracy – is not going to fall for the simplistic arguments of populists, nationalists, or fascists. The power of social media and rapid international communication is also likely to have a great effect.

What we’re most likely to see, I think, is greater polarization of these societies along idealistic lines. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius and approaching the South Node of the Moon, that polarization can be extreme, and outdated and even ancient ideologies can reassert themselves.

It’s the first of three eclipses in July and August, and they are all active eclipses (the July 27th lunar eclipse is conjunct retrograde Mars), along with a number of stations and hot aspects. Recognize each as a turning point in an ongoing story, and none of them as the end result.