May 2023 Astrology Forecast

Forecast by Armand Diaz

This May begins with some very tumultuous energy, as Pluto stations to retrograde and we have the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, both in the first week of the month. Yet even after we get past these intense events, hot aspects continue to keep us on our toes throughout the month. Still, there’s great potential – in both the tensions and easier energies. Creative projects should get a real boost, particularly with the powerful Scorpionic vibe that begins the otherwise sunny, breezy month of May.

Don’t forget that Mercury is retrograde until mid-month, potentially adding a little mischief into the mix. The high level of activity we’re likely to see could be based at least in part on misinformation. Double check your source before acting.

May Forecast

Things couldn’t get more intense than a Pluto station, and that’s what we have on May 1st. This is Pluto’s first station in Aquarius, so keep an eye on the news to look for signs of what his stay in the sign of the water bearer will be about: the message is bound to be powerful as he stops to retrograde at the very first degree of the sign. On a more personal level, Pluto stations tend to set some folks off, as frustration and irritability can be strong – it could be a good time to work alone. Stay focused (the Virgo Moon will help), and try to avoid multitasking throughout this week.

Later in the week, on the 5th, we have a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. While the solar eclipse on April 20th and Pluto’s station earlier in the week are implosive, this is a more explosive and outward-moving energy. Expect full moon lunacy to be at a peak from Thursday through Saturday (that it’s Cinco de Mayo suggests tequila and the full moon may be in cahoots).

While there’s certainly tension in the air, a couple of nice aspects help us along in the first few days of May. Venus in Gemini squares Neptune and sextiles Jupiter on the 4th, suggesting that there’s potential for socializing and fun at midweek. Follow Venus’ Gemini lead, and keep things on the “Lite” side.

Venus puts on her Cancerian apron on the 7th, beginning three weeks when more traditional forms of socializing are likely to be emphasized. Family picnics, Memorial Day parades (in the U.S.), and other mom-and-apple-pie events should go well.

A less traditional vibe characterizes the following days, as the Sun meets with Uranus in Taurus on the 9th. There’s a strong need for independence – and maybe just change – when these two planets get together. In Venus’ home sign, there could be ups and downs in economic news, and surprises might be in store. This is one of the aspects that keeps the eclipse energy going.

Venus is back at center stage on the 12th and 13th, sextiling retrograde Mercury just two days before his station, then going on the trine Saturn. Be sure that your communication is clear with friends, family, and partners. Direct communication, or at least a phone call, is better than relying on easily-misinterpreted texts.

Mercury stations to go direct on the 14th. Remember that the days around the station are most likely to have Mercurial mishaps, so be extra careful with communication, transportation, and technology. Give the Cosmic Messenger a few days to get up to speed before rushing out to sign contracts or buy tech stuff or a car.

You know who isn’t waiting? Mars. The god of war trines Neptune from late Cancer on the 15th, and Mars/Neptune contacts often mean unrestrained action. Given the signs involved and the easy aspect, we probably won’t see too much trouble – even if Mercury is misinforming his celestial friends. Still, watch out for folks who go off on a crusade.

Jupiter enters Taurus on the 16th, and goes on to square Pluto in Aquarius just a day later. There’s much to say about this, as Jupiter will be in Taurus for about a year, but the square to Pluto that inaugurates his visit will no doubt resound on the collective level. Among other things, this could rock financial markets (cryptocurrency is especially vulnerable). Once again, a good strategy is to pay attention to what’s happening around this time and use it as a barometer for the future.

Easy aspects prevail for a couple of days as we wane into the Taurus New Moon on the 19th. At the very end of Venus’ home sign, there’s likely to be even more emphasis on finances and values (and valuables). Take it easy for little while – the Taurus energy should help us to chill out just a bit. This is the official end of eclipse season, as the level of freakedoutedness in the collective returns to normal. Except that is, because…

Once again, Mars isn’t waiting or chilling. On the 20th, he enters fiery Leo – much more to his liking than watery Cancer – and immediately opposes Pluto in Aquarius. This is another one of those aspects that keeps us on our toes. Mars/Pluto aspects have real potential for explosions. Short tempers and no-holds-barred action will be seen in some quarters, so be aware of potential trouble. As always, be careful on the roads, as it’s easier to express anger anonymously.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st, and over the next day tries to mollify Mars and Pluto with easy aspects to both. In addition to a bit of danger, Mars/Pluto also suggests creative potential, and the solar aspects can help us channel powerful emotions towards creative ends.

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Yet once again, Mars isn’t waiting. On the 23rd he squares Jupiter, another challenging aspect that suggests the time between the 19th and 24th could be a little tense. Jupiter expands and Mars acts, so this isn’t a sit-and-think combination. At least the Mercury is direct, so we can hopefully get communication straight.

A sextile between Venus and Uranus on the 26th speaks nicely for social connections. Venus in Cancer is more traditional, but in connection with Uranus in her home sign, we’ll be more willing to ease (if not break) out of the box when it comes to romance and socializing.

The last major aspect in May is the Sun’s square to Saturn, on the 28th. Saturn usually blocks the flow of solar light, at least temporarily. But with both planets in mutable signs, it’s unlikely that we’ll feel blocked, and more probable that we’ll find it’s hard to get traction as the month ends. Yet to a great extent May doesn’t have to be about getting traction and doing things, and the planets may be encouraging us to take a break and enjoy the late spring weather.