October Astrology Forecast

Forecast by Armand Diaz

Tricks and Treats…

Halloween may not come until the 31st, but October may have a few surprises – hopefully not too scary – from start to finish. This month, Pluto stations direct, there’s a solar eclipse in Libra and lunar eclipse in Taurus, plus Mercury, Venus, and Mars all change signs – and we have some very prickly aspects all month long.

After the relative celestial calm of August and September, we’re likely to find new things to deal with arriving during the course of October. Pluto has his fingerprints all over the month – appropriate for the ruler of this extended Scorpio season.

October Forecast

We begin the month with a very Mercurial week. The Cosmic Messenger opposes Neptune on the 2nd, trines Pluto on the 3rd, then steps into Libra on the 4th.

The opposition to Neptune is particularly important to pay attention to, because it opens up the possibility of communication confusion and maybe even a little deception. Think of it as Mercury retrograde on steroids. It’s a great energy for creativity and play, as well as meditation and all manner of astral travels. However, be careful about making practical decisions, signing contracts, or getting too deep into negotiations during the first few days of October.

The trine to Pluto on the 3rd suggests we sober up quickly from the Neptunian vibe of the past few days. In Earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), we clear the haze of uncertainty and infinite possibilities, and focus on practical decisions. As Mercury moves into Libra the next day, we are able to take into account others’ perspectives and more effectively bargain and negotiate.

Venus clears the shadow of her retrograde on the 6th, just before stepping into Virgo on the 8th. Relationship, creative, and financial matters that have been on hold or dragging since late July can move forward more easily now. As Venus moves into Virgo, our social calendar ties into work and service, and we may focus more on healthy options as opposed to more indulgent tastes.

Mars squares stationing Pluto on the 8th, an aspect that can certainly incite action. With Mars in decorum-oriented Libra, we may not see the most overt manifestation of this aspect, but watch for passive-aggressive folks who ‘hit’ via subtle digs and terse communication. As always, be careful on the roads.

Venus’ first activity in Virgo is an opposition to Saturn on the 9th/10th, which could feel like decision time for relationships or financial matters. It’s a time to focus on core needs as opposed to more dramatic desires, and a time to appreciate what we have.

Pluto’s station to go direct on the 10th may overshadow any other celestial activity. Pluto stations bring up buried emotions, and can have major effects on the collective level. Pluto stations also correspond with major moves in the financial markets, a theme that plays out in several ways this month.

With the Mars/Pluto aspect on the 8th and a solar eclipse on the 14th surrounding the station, the second week of October looks to be tense. Give others space, and take what you need for yourself.

Mars steps into his second home, Scorpio, on the 12th. In the dark waters of Scorpio, Mars plays the defensive warrior, and there’s a protective and somewhat conservative vibe that will add to the eclipse season tension.

The solar eclipse on the 14th is at 21 degrees Libra. Like the Pluto station of a few days before, there’s an implosive pressure around solar eclipses that we’ll be feeling all week. The true effects of the eclipse are most likely to be felt by people who have significant placements right at that degree, but despite the unease at the eclipse itself, this is the seeding of powerful new potentials that will play out over the next two and a half years.

Mercury and the Sun take turns squaring Pluto (notice how many times Pluto shows up in this month’s forecast?) on the 20th and 21st. Communication is likely to be direct and uncompromising – in both directions. Power struggles can seethe beneath the surface, too. Yet while we may all feel the energy a bit, these aspects will really play out at the collective level – not that that doesn’t have an effect on us all.

Venus trines Jupiter on the 21st/22nd, a nice aspect that might not make it to the monthly forecast if it were not that we’re so short on nice aspects this month. Venus and Jupiter signal an opportunity for enjoyment, although with Venus in Virgo, keep it within limits. 😉

Having darted through Libra in just eighteen days, Mercury wades into Scorpio on the 22nd. Communication becomes more direct and emotional for the next few weeks, adding to the Plutonic intensity. His first aspect is a trine to Saturn in Pisces, which might get things off to a good start.

The Sun joins the macabre party in Scorpio on the 23rd, and also gets a quick boost from Saturn. There’s a lot of Water in the sky towards the back end of October, and lots of Earth (Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn). What we’re missing is the inspiration of Fire, and the breathing room of Air. Water and Earth both tend downwards, and can dampen enthusiasm, so we’ll need to bring our own inspiration during the last week of the month.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the 28th may be Water/Earth signs, but there’s plenty of potential for movement, as full moons are always active, and more so when there’s an eclipse. Plus, Mars opposes Jupiter on the same day, with Mercury thrown into the mix, too. This is a potentially strained time, and with the oppositions of Sun/Moon and Mercury/Mars/Jupiter, we’re likely to see this energy played out by projecting onto others rather than internally. Interestingly, this eclipse is at 5 degrees Taurus – the same degree as Jupiter’s station to go direct in December – watch for news about banking and finance around this time.

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Finally, Venus trines Uranus on the 31st, an opportunity for a little relief. Put on your costume and surprise yourself and others!

Use this forecast to keep yourself aware of the collective mood, and to be mindful of your own actions and reactions. For a more personal forecast for the coming months, email me at [email protected]