November 2023 Astrology Forecast – Earth and Water Make…

Forecast by Armand Diaz

We might reasonably hope that with eclipse season winding down November will be a calmer month than October. Indeed, there’s a chance that this month’s celestial energies will be a bit more manageable without the tumultuous power of the eclipses. Yet the astrological weather is anything but calm this month, with a strong focus on the times around the new and full moons.

As November begins, all of the major planets and three of the four goddess asteroids are all in yin (or feminine, receptive) signs. That means there’s lots of Earth and Water, but no Air and Fire in the sky. Despite the possibilities that are in the mix early in the month, we may feel somewhat mired in terms of getting projects off the ground, and it could be a challenge to get perspective on things.

Still feeling the power of the October 29th lunar eclipse as we begin November, the first week has some rather upbeat energy. Venus, planet of love, aesthetics, and values, makes two aspects this week. First, she trines Uranus on October 31st, creating a vibe that will last through November 2nd. Uranus is in Venus’ home sign of Taurus, and he nudges Venus in Virgo to try something new, experiment a little, and do some improvisation in the areas of creativity, love, and maybe even finances.

Then, on the 3rd Venus opposes Neptune, an aspect that can help us to get lost in a fantasy. It should be fun, especially with an ego-boosting Sun/Jupiter opposition on the same day. The 2nd and 3rd may not have the most realistic energy, but hopefully the feel is a good one. Some folks will get a little full of themselves, so watch out for blowhards and bluster.  The Cancer Moon on these days could cast a cautious feel over otherwise fun proceedings, and a few of us may find darker sides of the imagination showing up.

Saturn stations to go direct on the 4th, and anyone who was flying too high at midweek is likely to be brought down to earth rather quickly. Do a little work this weekend, whether taking some work home from the office or doing some housework: Saturn loves us to work. With the Moon in Leo this weekend, you can reward yourself for a job well done, or at least for putting out the effort (Saturn asks us to work, but often slows progress at the same time). Be sure to get enough rest around this time, too.

Mercury is opposite Uranus on  the 4th, too. As we approach this aspect in the days before, we could have brilliant insights and be very quick to share them. Some of us might also say a little too much, although Saturn advises us to keep our own counsel unless we’re sure about what we want to communicate.

The 6th is another Venusian day, as she trines Pluto. The possibilities that were on the table last week have been brought down to earth by Saturn, and now Pluto is ready to infuse whatever has passed the Saturnian test with extra power. Mercury is trine to Neptune, an aspect that can help us to communicate our visions with precision. Not quite a week into November and we’ve already had a mixed bag of cosmic potentials!

On the 8th, Venus moves into Libra, representing the only major planet in an Air sign. There’s still no Fire in the skies, and Venus won’t be making many aspects while she’s in her second home, but it should be a little easier to get perspective in our interactions, and Venus in Libra lends grace to our social activities.

There’s finally some Fire in the sky when Mercury flies into Sagittarius on the 10th. In the sign of the archer, Mercury tends to express beliefs in inspired words – without much concern for those perky facts. However, no sooner does he enter the sign than he squares stationed Saturn, who reminds him to watch what he says. Still, Saturn is trying to hold things steady in oceanic Pisces, so he may not be quite up to the task of being a barrier to hyperbole.

Things start cooking as we move into the period between the 11th and the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th. First, Mars opposes Uranus, a volatile aspect that often sees people acting impulsively. Mars is in his home sign of Scorpio, where he’s on the defensive and often a little overprotective, so we may see more reaction than action. Give yourself and others some space.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 13th is anything but a quiet time, as this new moon is closely opposite to Uranus. As new moons always draw us inward, and Scorpio is the sign of death and regeneration, there’s bound to be an implosive-explosive quality about this new moon that suggests a bit of caution. Used consciously, this is an opportunity for radical new beginnings (and endings), a powerful opportunity to seed renewal in your life. But be aware that not everyone will be using this energy consciously.

The tense vibe will continue until after the Sun and Mars meet on the 18th, and may be especially challenging as Mars trines Neptune on the 17th. There’s not a lot of moderation in these aspects, and as we wax out of the new moon there’s plenty of energy to go around. Add in Mercury helping some folks to spew hyperbole, and it could be a recipe for trouble.

Harmonious aspects between the Sun, Mars, Ceres, and Pluto reign from the first quarter moon on the 20th through the 23rd. This is a potentially constructive time, and that should be especially apparent on the collective level. In the midst of this, the Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd, and Mars joins him (and Mercury) on the 24th, and Ceres on the 25th. By this point in the month, there will be lots of inspiring Fire in the heavens, and hopefully we’ll use the inspiration wisely.

The Sun, Mars, and Ceres take turns squaring Saturn after entering Sagittarius, at which time they each get the warning that they need to avoid polarizing the collective. Unfortunately, Saturn is also in the dual sign of Pisces, where multiple possibilities are part of the picture.

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The Gemini Full Moon on the 27th is another opportunity for polarization. At the same time, Mercury squares Neptune. The high energy and flexible approach to the truth that comes from the full moon in the sign of the twins is amplified – raised to a power – by Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. This could be a good time for meditation all sort of astral travel, but it is among the worst possible times for practical decisions or important communication. Avoid signing contracts, and try to communicate in person or by phone rather than relying on texts (which usually carry ambiguous meanings).

It’s another hot month in the sky, and surely it will play out at the collective level, as well as in the overall mood of the people we interact with on a local level. If you’d like guidance on how to work with this celestial stew in reference to your own personal chart, email me at [email protected]