August Forecast

We start the month with Mars square to Uranus on the 1st, an aspect that encourages us to follow our highest ideals, and to rebel against constraints. While this aspect holds wonderful potential, it’s also a live wire that can lead to impulsive actions and reactions. Patience is likely to be low, frustration high. Be careful driving and in your interactions with others for the first week of August – even if you handle the energy well, not everyone will. This aspect might also bring up issues that were hot for you (and us) in mid-May, although we might have to wait for mid-to-late September to find resolution.

The tensions affect our relationships as Jupiter opposes his wife, Juno on the 3rd and then goes on to square the Sun on the 6th. In a reversal of their mythological roles, Jupiter in Scorpio is looking for depth and commitment, while Juno in Taurus would like a more sensual good time. You may play either or both roles in your personal relationships around this time. Sun/Jupiter contacts can help us to have faith and courage in ourselves, and that’s great, but some folks will have more than their fair share of self-assuredness – avoid blowhards and dogmatists.

On the 7th, Uranus stations to retrograde in Taurus. We’re just getting a look at Uranus in the sign of the bull, where he’ll be until 2025 (minus a brief run back to Aries later this year and into early 2019). Changes in our currency and food supply are two things to watch, along with our connection to the body in general. Keep an eye on the station to see what manifests for you and for all of us. As usual, Uranus stations tend to make some folks restless, and with the Sun/Jupiter aspect still warm, the time between the 5th and 7th could be volatile in some quarters.

Relationships can be a bit challenged around the 8th as the Sun and Mercury square Juno (the asteroid most associated with marriage) and Venus opposes Chiron. Partnerships on solid ground should be fine, but those in a more vulnerable place may feel the strain. As Venus squares Saturn on the 9th, we may come to a decision about how to repair things (or decide not to try). With the new moon eclipse just a couple of days away, some people will feel it’s time to end things rather than reinvest.

That partial eclipse is on August 11th at 5:47 a.m. EDT, too early to make much of an impression throughout most of North America. Perhaps significantly, it does cross the Korean Peninsula. This eclipse accompanies Mars as he crosses the degree of his square to Uranus on May 16th, so keep an eye out for issues that were prominent around that time to re-emerge, in your personal life and in the collective.

On August 19th, Mercury stations to turn direct. Don’t rush out to sign a contract, buy a computer, lease a car, or do other Mercurial things, however – it will take the Cosmic Messenger a few days to get up to speed, and it’s right around the stations that Mercurial Mishaps tend to multiply.

Freedom and integrity are themes as August draws to a close. The Sun knits together a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus on the 25th, activated by the full moon a day later. These aspects are urging us to be true to ourselves and act in accordance with what we want to build in our lives. With Venus square to Pluto and Mars stationing to turn direct on the 26th and 27th, it’s very likely to be a volatile full moon.

The last few days of August, from the 24th onward, are a great time to implement decisions you’ve already made and to devote yourself to a goal that you’re sure of. On the other hand, free-floating energy could find a cause of the moment that leads to trouble. Act if you’re sure, but don’t let impulsiveness get the better of you.