September 2018 Forecast

After the broiling hot summer months, astrologically and otherwise, we reach a time of relative calm in September. As is usual after a tumultuous period that sees a lot of change, the late summer and early autumn months offer – or demand – a period of integration. Even if the main events of July and August missed you (and your chart) directly, it’s likely that you felt the strain and intensity on some level. Like a thunderstorm that darkens the sky and sends distant rumbles even if lightning never lands in your neighborhood, the collective vibration set a tone that all of us felt.

It’s not that September won’t offer its share of excitement – Pluto stations to go direct and Venus approaches her retrograde, among other things – but in many respects we’ll be revisiting and reinterpreting the events of the past two to four months. New things will land on our plates, but not at the same intensity.

On September 6th, Saturn stations to move direct after about four months of retrograding. The days before and immediately after Saturn stations tend to have a weighty feeling, and responsibilities tend to be rather heavy. It’s also a time when resistance can be low, and we often see minor colds and the like going around, so take good care of yourself and be sure to get enough rest.

As we move away from the heaviness of Saturn’s station, we enter into a period when creativity and imagination soar, from the 7th though the 9th. Brilliant ideas and insights can be brought into practical manifestation, but be aware that we could be seeing things out of proportion as the Sun opposes Neptune. People and things often look much better or worse than they otherwise might when this aspect forms, so play, create, and imagine, but hold off on committing your resources for a while.

The 9th is also the day of the new moon in Virgo, which is a good time to make a to-do list of what you need to accomplish between now and the end of the year.

Venus opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn on the 12th, suggesting that we break out of entrenched relationship patterns and move towards the future. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partnership, though, as these aspects will form twice more before the end of the year, due to Venus’ retrograde.

A tricky Mercury/Neptune opposition on the 13th could muddle the messages that Venus is trying to send us, so be extra careful with how you communicate. It’s a poor time to sign a contract, make a deal, or otherwise commit to practical matters, but it’s a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild and get into some creative writing.

Mars squares Uranus on September 18th, an edgy, impulsive aspect that demands action. Be careful driving, and be aware that we might unexpectedly trigger anger or other reactions in folks. This is a time to go your own way, break free of the constraints imposed by others and yourself, and do what you want to do – be a little selfish, as long as you do so with awareness and compassion. It’s a good time to work and play alone, although if you can enlist cooperation you might be able to move mountains. Because of Mars’ retrograde, this aspect harkens back to mid-May and earliest August, so you may find that themes that were prominent around that time reemerge – and can finally be resolved.

The Libra Equinox, the official beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, is on September 22nd at 9:53p EDT, as the Sun enters the sign of the scales. Days and nights are of equal length, and we feel that we are now moving decidedly towards the darker winter months. It’s a reminder to take care of business while the light is still shining.

Just a day later, on the 23rd, Mercury squares Saturn as we approach the full moon on the 24th. Take matters seriously, double check your work, and be prepared if you have anything to say or do. It’s not the easiest time for a presentation or interview, but if you’re prepared to work you can accomplish a great deal. Getting favors from those in authority is usually a challenge with this aspect in place, so defer requests for vacation time and such until the 26th or 27th.

Chiron slips back into Pisces on the 25th, reminding us of some of the emotional baggage we were carrying during the past winter and early spring. This signals the beginning of a rather emotional period of time, just before Venus retrogrades in watery Scorpio. Although the cosmic weather may not be as easy as we would like, keep in mind that the next few months will clear out our inner worlds so that we can move forward next year with lighter hearts.

As the month ends, Pluto stations to do direct on the 30th, and the influence of this powerful phenomenon is extended as he’s squared by Mercury two days later. On a personal level, we’re likely to find that at the end of September and beginning of October tempers are short and words are sharp – although with Mercury in Libra there may be a more passive-aggressive approach to expression, something Pluto is happy to contribute to. It’s on the collective level that this aspect will manifest most overtly. Power brokers will be trying to consolidate control, but are likely to be challenged, either by the press or by their own legislatures.