December 2023 Astrology Forecast – Let Serendipity Rule

Forecast by Armand Diaz

The last month of 2023 features some rather murky celestial energy, requiring a flexible and open approach to things. Plans may need to be revised, and surprises could be in store. Rather than planning your every move, let serendipity rule, and see where it brings you. It’s not that you won’t get to your destination, you probably will, but most likely not via the road you think. Keep an eye out for synchronicities and signs, indications of which path to take at any given time.

Among other things, the Moon’s nodes are on Eris, the goddess of discord. While this is strongest at the beginning of the month, this aspect has been within orb since early October. If nothing else, we can expect that there will be disruptions in the status quo – for better and worse.

Mercury, planet of communication, transportation, and commerce is ‘out of bounds’ as the month begins, meaning that he is higher in the sky than the Sun ever goes. Out-of-bounds planets tend to behave a little erratically and unpredictably. Mercury settles down and comes into bounds on December 13th – the day he stations to go retrograde. He’ll be backing up in the sky until January 1st. Essentially, you can take this entire month as one long Mercury retrograde period. Watch for the Mercurial Mishaps to spike right around the Full Moon on the 26/27th, as Mercury squares Neptune. You might find some resonance with what was going on around November 27th, perhaps the next chapter of an ongoing story. Confusion could reign until after the final square between these two planets, on January 8th.

Neptune stations to go direct on the 6th, so the days between the 4th and 7th are marked by the illusions, delusions, and confusions of the god of the seas. This is a wonderful energy for creativity, alternative realities, and play, but not so great for practicalities and decision-making. Enjoy the time: listen to (or make) music, get lost in a fantasy or a movie, and generally practice ‘allowing’ rather than ‘demanding’.

Mars, the Cosmic Warrior, entered Sagittarius in late November, and he’ll be in the sign of the archer until early January. In Sagittarius, Mars encourages us to take a leap of faith, although his first aspect in the sign was a square to Saturn, who is more of the look-before-you-leap persuasion. At best, it’s time to act with faith and courage. Some folks will go off on a crusade, and, as Sagittarius can be a polarizing sign, send up a rallying cry (based on inaccurate information from Mercury or inspiration from Neptune?).

Venus, planet of love and relationship, is quite active in December. As the month begins, she is in her home sign of Libra, where she favors keeping balance, acting with good manners, and decorum. Yet as she squares Pluto in Capricorn the niceties may fade under the demands of practical matters. There could be issues about financing holiday parties, or tension between gift-buying and economic prudence. Venus wades into the dark waters of Scorpio on the 4th, casting a somewhat conservative vibe over social plans until the 29th.

The aspects Venus makes will help to ease her time in the sign of the scorpion – not her favorite haunt by any means. She starts off with a trine from her friend Saturn on the 5th, encouraging us to make prudent decisions. Her opposition to her BFF, Jupiter on the 9th should help to make for a fun weekend. Oppositions are generally tense, but Venus and Jupiter get along very well, and Jupiter is in Venus’ home sign of Taurus, so he’s reminding her that good times come in all kinds of ways. Overindulgence – financially or otherwise – is a potential pitfall.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 12th is a great time to envision the coming year in the largest possible terms. Think big picture, and don’t worry about the details.

On the 21st, Venus opposes Uranus – also in her home sign of Taurus – and the protective, conservative vibe of Scorpio is challenged by the desire to mix things up and try something different. This could be a bit difficult in some respects, but there’s good potential for getting a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the days around this aspect. There could be surprises in store in the areas of relationship and socializing.

The 21st is also the day of the Capricorn (Winter) Solstice, when the Sun begins his long climb upwards in the sky towards the Summer Solstice. Days will be getting longer (in the Northern Hemisphere) from this point on.

Venus trines Neptune on the 25th, suggesting an easy, mellow kind of vibe for Christmas day. In a flowing aspect, Venus and Neptune are ready to see what develops and appreciate whatever emerges. Just before she leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on the 29th, Venus makes an easy sextile to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. It may seem like time to honor the experiences of the past month and decide what has staying power.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 26th is full of energy. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Luna will climb high in the sky and illuminate the night, just as the daylight is close to a minimum. Watch out for full moon lunacy in the days around this lunation, as both Mars and retrograde Mercury square Neptune.

New Year’s Eve should be full of energy. Venus is in Sagittarius, where a more outgoing vibe prevails for socializing. Jupiter stations to go direct on the 30th, filling the end of the year with upbeat energy. Jupiter is stationing on the same degree as the October 28th lunar eclipse – so things that were prominent around that time may also be on our minds as the year ends.

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

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