June Astrology Forecast

We begin the month with Venus making soft aspects to Saturn and Pluto. While last month the Saturn/Pluto aspects were felt as a challenge, here they represent opportunities. It could be time to build in a relationship, or perhaps to let it go. Either way, it is likely that the changes will feel natural and easy.

There may be a slight tendency towards letting go of things, as we wane into the New Moon on the 3rd. This is a time to set intentions around our everyday routine. We don’t often give much thought to things like our commute and where we buy our groceries, yet the ‘everyday’ is the backdrop on which we paint the greater events of life. If nothing else, it’s where we spend most of our time, so it’s worth paying attention to it.

On June 9th, the Sun squares Neptune as we approach the first quarter moon. This active time can be colored by illusions and grand visions. It’s a little too easy to see heroes and villains in ordinary people at this time. Creativity is flowing, but it might take a little while to see how it can manifest on a practical level.

On the 14th, Mars aspects both Neptune and Saturn. This combination is reminiscent of jamming on the accelerator and brake at the same time, and we may find that we’re stopping and starting at midmonth, especially as Mercury gets into the picture on the 16th through the 18th. Be careful with communication, and take extra care while driving around this time, especially as folks will be feeling a little full moon lunacy around the 17th.

The next few days feature the most challenging energy we’ve seen in a while, as the Full Moon on the 17th is followed by Mercury and Mars aspecting Pluto while Neptune stations to retrograde on the 21st. This is likely to be a time when folks are reactive, defensive, and ready to act on their impulses. It isn’t a good time for decision-making or to rely on judgments of self or other. Keep an eye on the collective at this time, as a Jupiter/Neptune square just before the full moon will bring up important issues.

On June 21st at 11:53 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the Sun enters Cancer at the Summer Solstice. Sol has completed his long upward journey from Capricorn, and the days are at their maximum in the Northern Hemisphere. Even as we begin summer, the light gradually begins to diminish and the Sun sinks lower into the Southern sky each day.

Yet the cycle of the year is unlikely to be at front of our minds, as Venus aspects Jupiter and Neptune on the 23rd and 24th. This time is great for summer romance, with just enough fantasy and imagination to put a soft focus on ongoing and potential partnerships.

As June draws to a close, the Sun connects with Uranus and Chiron on the 27th, easing and urging us away from entrenched patterns, and towards our true paths.