November 2022 Astrology Forecast

Forecast by Armand Diaz

The first third of November continues the blustery celestial energy of October. Making our way through the 10th will be the most challenging for most of us, especially as we approach the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday the 8th – Election Day in the United States. This period of time is likely to be especially volatile, because the Full Moon is tightly conjunct revolutionary Uranus.

Mars went retrograde on October 30th, and we’re still feeling the tense, internalized energy as the month begins. The Cosmic Warrior will be in reverse through mid-January, so it isn’t an ideal time to begin new projects, like a new job or exercise program. Going back to the gym is fine, if your membership has been collecting dust in recent times.

Later in the month, we get a more optimistic vibe, as the planets shift into buoyant Sagittarius and Jupiter stations direct.


Relationships are in the spotlight as the month begins. From the 3rd through the 7th, Venus is quite busy, aspecting Ceres, Uranus, and Saturn, while Mercury connects with partnership asteroid Juno. We’ll be talking things out and considering the possibilities, ready to make changes in our romantic connections (Venus opposes Uranus, always an indication for a possible change in status). 

The last aspect Venus makes, just before the full moon, is a square to Saturn. The ideas and potentials with which we’ve been playing will have to pass the “reality test” to see if they will fly. With Venus in security-oriented Scorpio and Saturn in socially-minded Aquarius, we’re likely to be balancing intimacy and friendship within a partnership, or the demands of relationship with our greater social circle.

Saturn often shuts things down, but that’s unlikely with a lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 8th. Lunar eclipses are powerful full moons, when things that have been buried come to light. There’s often an emotional release around these times, and while that can be healing, it can also be messy. This full moon is also very close to explosive Uranus, so it will pack some extra volatility.

 The first portion of November brings relationship issues to the fore, and we’re quickly pressed to get everything out in the open, especially as Mercury is opposed to Uranus at this time. While relationships are likely to be the prime concern for many of us, financial markets and the overall economy might feel some tremors, too.

 A plea for stability comes from Saturn on the 9th through the 11th, as Mercury and the Sun square the lord of time. Things that have gone too far can be reigned in, but avoid restrictions that are too severe. A nice Venus/Neptune trine could help repair any damages done to relationships in the heat of the full moon.

Things lighten up at mid-month, as Venus makes an easy trine to Jupiter on the 15th, just a day before leaping into Jupiter’s home sign of Sagittarius a day later. Venus is at the tail end of Scorpio – not her favorite place to be, but Jupiter in their mutually adored Pisces is giving her encouragement to hold on for just one more day. With Mercury repeating the connections to Jupiter on the 16th and 17th, this is a time for focusing on and expressing the positive.

Retrograde Mars squares Neptune on the 19th, a potentially problematic aspect that can have folks going off on a crusade, and, in the signs of Gemini and Pisces, possibly acting duplicitously. The key to the 18th/19th is not to get swept up in the ‘cause of the moment’, in your personal life or in the collective. Folks with longer memories can look back to see that they’re getting the second installment of a drama that began around October 12th, but the final chapter likely won’t be written until mid-March of 2023.

Another upbeat shift in the cosmic weather prevails from the 20th to the 22nd, as the Sun trines Jupiter and bounds into Sagittarius, while Mercury and Venus meet in the sign of the centaur. It’s an opportunity to express your feelings, take a leap of faith, and let serendipity guide you. 

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Jupiter, who’s playing host to the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, is very powerful as he stations direct on the 23rd, the day of the Sagittarius New Moon. Although new moons are typically thought of as quiet times, these energies are very strong. Use the time after the new moon to set intentions for big picture matters – where you’d like to see yourself in the coming year. Don’t worry about the details, Sadge isn’t great for those, and we’ll have opportunities to work them out as time moves on.

As the month ends, relationship comes back into focus, as Venus squares Juno and trines Chiron on the 25th. We’re assessing the difference between what we want in our partnership (Venus) and what we have (Juno). It sounds tense, but with Juno in Venus’ favorite sign of Pisces, it’s likely that tensions can be worked out without too much stress. 

On the other hand, Pallas Athene stations retrograde in Cancer on the 30th, an event that can have us shouting the truth (as we see it). Look for folks to be championing safety and security around this time