You Turn – October 2022 Astrology Forecast

Forecast by Armand Diaz

Five celestial bodies – four planets and one asteroid – change direction in October. Plus, we have a solar eclipse and some very hot aspects.

September featured Mercury retrograde (from September 9th through October 2nd), not much of an issue beyond the usual headaches. But the Cosmic Messenger’s retrograde delayed many things just enough to move them into the shadow of Mars’ upcoming retrograde (click here for my YouTube video on Mars retrograde) and the other tense planetary energies.

Despite the celestial storm this month, I wouldn’t say it’s a time to sit still. Deal with things as they come up, even if it isn’t a great time to initiate actions.

U Turn Sign
Image by Mark1657 via Pixabay


We start October with an optimistic Venus/Jupiter opposition on the 1st. While oppositions are usually considered tense aspects, Venus and Jupiter get along well, and especially so with Venus in her second home of Libra. There’s likely to be some challenges in balancing the needs of partnership and independence, but compromise should be easy enough. Maintain diplomacy in both personal and business matters.

Despite our best efforts to keep balance, there could be some confusion, as Mercury stations to go direct on the 2nd, opposite to foggy Neptune. Remember that the days around the stations tend to be the most prone to Mercurial mishaps, so be sure that you’re getting the correct message across. Actions may be louder and clearer than words as October begins, so make a Venus/Jupiter gesture rather than explaining yourself.

There are plenty of opportunities to find the right words between the 6th and 11th, as the Sun and Venus aspect Pallas Athene, while Mercury again makes an easy trine to Pluto – who’s stationing to go direct. Issues that were raised as far back as late August and that have been hot for the past week or so may finally see some resolution as we move through this period of time.

Yet resolution may look more like revolution, as Pluto stations on the 8th, just before the Aries Full Moon on the 9th. This looks to be a time when emotions and long-buried feelings are likely to be purged. We may have to let it all hang out before we can come to an understanding. For those who aren’t in the midst of anything too heavy, it still pays to give others their space around this time.

A Sun/Saturn trine on the 11th might help us get the genie back in the bottle, especially as the Sun is trying to maintain balance in Libra while Saturn is in egalitarian Aquarius. However, a Mars/Neptune square a few hours later could upset negotiations. This aspect can send folks on a crusade, and with the signs of Gemini and Pisces involved, facts may be malleable. 

We’re also at the third Mercury/Jupiter opposition since early September. While we would expect that bargaining and diplomacy might finally resolve matters that have been hanging in the air for more than a month, Mars and Neptune may have other ideas. 

We get a bit of a break at mid-month. Venus trines Saturn on the 14th and Mars on the 18th. Along with a Sun/Mars trine on the 17th, there’s productive energy for relationships, creative projects, and pretty much anywhere you want to make progress.

Things get tense as we enter the third week in October. The Sun and Venus meet in late Libra and together they square Pluto in Capricorn on the 19th and 20th. Libran pleasantries and manners often go a long way, but Pluto demands bottom-line answers. That’s a vibe that’s very likely to continue, as Saturn stations direct on the 23rd: another indication that serious and practical considerations are primary. 

The 23rd also sees the Sun and Venus wading into the dark waters of Scorpio, while partnership asteroid Juno goes direct in Pisces. If we’ve cleared the air in relationships, this is a good time to think about moving forward, although if there’s still work to do, we’ll have to dive deep to get to the roots of the matter.

Intensity continues as we move through the end of the month. There’s a solar eclipse in early Scorpio on the 25th, and Mercury squares Pluto two days later. While solar eclipses often take a while to manifest, we could see things moving quickly this time around. 

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces on the 28th, continuing the watery, emotional vibe.     

Harmonious aspects among the Sun, Venus, and Juno at month’s end could help partnerships to get (back?) on track.

The big event at the end of October is Mars’ station to retrograde on the 30th. Mars will be backpedaling through Gemini for about ten weeks, during which time it is considered less than ideal to start a new job, exercise program, or sexual relationship. Returning to any of the above is not a problem, but be aware that during Mars retrogrades energy is often lacking to initiate new projects.