Bringing It All Down to Earth – May 2021 Astrology Forecast

Let’s call the theme for May of 2021, Bringing It All Down to Earth. We continue the high level of activity that we saw in the last half of April, but the focus is on practical manifestation of the celestial energies.

As always, there are challenges and opportunities – especially in the last week of the month. Try to get things done early in May, especially – but not only – anything having to do with technology or contracts.


The month gets off to a rocky start, as Mercury squares Jupiter and the Sun squares Saturn on the 3rd. The first aspect might push us to say too much, while the second can clamp down on enthusiasm and place limits on us. Coming off the Sun’s meeting with Uranus on April 30th, we’re likely to be feeling for independence and autonomy, but we may have to pass the Saturnian test to see if we really have what it takes to stand on our own. After stirring the pot in Taurus, Mercury leaves for his home sign of Gemini later in the day, leaving the other planets – and us – to deal with the results.

Venus enters Gemini on the 8th, beginning three weeks of fun and socializing. In the sign of the twins, Venus takes on a casual and perhaps flirtatious air, at least in the pre-pandemic days.

The Taurus New Moon is on the 11th. This is an opportunity to plant seeds – metaphorically and literally – for things we want to grow in the coming months. This new moon isn’t just about imagining and visualizing, though, it’s about making practical plans.

Jupiter leaves Aquarius for his former home of Pisces on the 13th. While Neptune has taken over ownership, Jupiter is still very happy in the sign of the fish. He’ll just dip his toes in the water before returning to Aquarius in late July, but we can take advantage of the expansive, spiritual vibe that he offers. At his highest manifestation in this sign, Jupiter encourages generosity and compassion, while he can also support indulgence. Both charitable giving and boozy brunches have their place, if we can keep them in balance.

As we wax out of the new moon, it’s time to make things happen, and Mercury’s trine to Saturn a day later will help, as will the Sun’s trine to Pluto on the 17th.

It’s Venus’ turn to trine Saturn on the 19th, suggesting we can build in relationships, and also in the area of finance. Communication is key in relationships, as Mercury will oppose partnership asteroid Juno and square truth-teller Pallas Athene on the same day. It’s time for openness and honesty, and for stating what we want, and appreciating what we have.

The last week of May is the hot spot of the month. Much will come to light, but that light may be bent and distorted, and it will be hard to know what to do with the material that emerges.

We start with a square between Mercury and Neptune on the 22nd. This aspect suggests that the truth is too pliable, and that a good story might stand in for facts. While out-and-out deception is a possibility, we’re just as likely to believe our own tall tales.

Saturn’s station to retrograde the next day presents us with the opposite energy, a need for facts and a vetting of the data. It can provide an antidote to Mercurial truth-bending, but can also squelch the feelings of possibility that Mercury/Neptune offer. It’s likely to seem like we’re getting back to work or school after a day at the amusement park – kind of a letdown. Saturn stations often correspond to lower vitality, so watch out for weakened immune responses.

If our concern is the facts, then in the area of relationship we may have some challenges, as Venus makes three tense aspects in four days, from the 24th through the 27th, opposing Juno (what we want versus what we have), and then squaring Pallas Athene and Neptune. Those who are happy in their relationships may find this time quite pleasant, but those who are having doubts could be swept away by fantasies of someone new or simply feel the need to move apart.

All this happens in the midst of a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, at 7:14 a.m. EDT on the 26th (11:14 GMT). This eclipse is likely to highlight differences in belief systems, and further fuel polemics in our already highly polarized collective discourse. It’s hard to imagine how we could become more divided, but the reality seems to push past imagination.

One way that things reach an extreme is to get the facts wrong, and that’s very likely as Mercury stations to retrograde on the 29th. The usual caveats apply: try to avoid signing contracts, buying electronics or cars, and so on. Remember that Mercurial mishaps multiply on the days around the stations – let alone on a full moon eclipse – so be extra careful with communication and technology.

Yet being careful may be a challenge as Pallas Athene, Mars, and Neptune form aspects on the 30th and 31st. Just when we’re most likely to get the facts wrong, these three are encouraging us to speak and act with vigor. Try not to push matters too far, and get out of the way of those on verbal tirades.