Stormy Weather – June 2021 Astrology Forecast

This year, June is packed with astrological aspects that could feel unsettling and uneasy. We’re leaning into significant changes in our personal and collective lives, and while that may be great on some levels, it isn’t easy. Folks who are holding onto outdated modes will really be feeling the pressure, and are likely to react. All of us will face some challenges, but we’ll also have many opportunities to move forward.

June 3rd is a busy day in the sky. The Sun trines Saturn, another opportunity for building in just about any area of life. Venus enters Cancer, shifting relationship patterns towards the more traditional. June is named for Juno, Jupiter’s wife, and of course in our culture it is the month of weddings. Yet it is a trine between Venus and Jupiter that highlights the day, suggesting that we harmonize desire and commitment.

Once again, it’s time for a chorus of active vocal cords, as retrograde Mercury squares Pallas Athene and Neptune, on the 5th. We get a replay and a potential redo of last month’s meetings, although it may take until July to get the message straight. Mars opposes Pluto on the same day, suggesting that word can spill into action. Watch out for road rage if you’re driving, and short tempers wherever you are.

The solar eclipse/new moon in Gemini is on June 10th and 6:42 a.m. EDT. This eclipse again asks us to take a look at the facts, and integrate the data even if it conflicts with our beliefs – no easy task for most of us.

Mars enters Leo on the 11th, sparking up creativity and the pursuit of good times. Mars in Leo can be the valiant knight jousting for his love (if you’re into that), or the daredevil performer, and no doubt will see some of each for the next ten weeks.

Saturn squares Uranus on the 14th, the second in a series of three aspects that pits traditional against progressive, conservative against revolutionary. In the U.S. and elsewhere, we can see where both (all) political parties are seeding the middle ground to more extreme positions. We realize something has to change, and yet we work out that change not in smooth steps but in jerky spasms to one side and the other.

Jupiter stations to retrograde on the 20th. His stations tend to fill us with optimism for the present and future. We’re willing to take a leap of faith – and unlikely to look before we leap.

The Sun enters Cancer later the same day, at 11:31 p.m. EDT. Completing his northward climb up from the southern solstice in Capricorn, Sol is as high in the sky as he ever gets, and the days are at their longest. Of course, when a peak is reached the only option is to descend, and even as we officially begin summer the days will gradually diminish.

Mercury stations to go direct on the 22nd, but don’t rush out to buy a new phone or sign on the dotted line. Give the Cosmic Messenger a few days, at least, to get up to speed.

The opposition of Venus to Pluto on the 23rd could create some tension in relationships, especially as we’re at the Capricorn Full Moon just a day later.

Perhaps even more problematic is that Neptune stations to retrograde on the 25th. In a configuration that remarkably mimics last month’s full moon, there’s a risk of misinformation and over-emotional reactions, especially in the area of relationships.

On the 27th, Venus sheds her Cancerian wedding gown for beach attire, as she initiates summer fun in Leo. It’s a very active month, with potential for big changes on both the personal and collective levels. Make the most of it – but try to get your facts straight before you act.